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"The Dustbin of History"

Track Listing

1. Stupid Jock Rock - 2. Sorority Girl - 3. Firedogs are deaf - 4. Let's get stupid -

5. Breaking Point 6. Believe Your Eyes 7. Oh Way Oh 8. Beat Up Radio

9. Let Me Walk You Home 10. Pearl Jam

11. Dance 12. Timmy Is An Arsonist 13. Unhappy 14. lifeguard

15. Christoph 16. Could You 17. Sadi 18. Plow Beach 19. Break My Heart 20. Big Promises

21. Counted Out 22. Yes Sir 23. Comeback 24. The Beat Fades Quickly 25. No Parole

26. Lighters 27. love comes in spurts

It all started in 1992. Plow United are three boys from a Wilmington, Delaware catholic school who decided to play punk rock. During 1992 and into 1993, they played at farmers¹ markets and pizza places all over the West Chester,PA area. They released their first seven-inch on Coolidge Records. In 1994, they made more records, purchased their beloved van Sadi, and embarked on their first tour. In 1995, Plow are forced to change their name to Plow United by a wanky shoegazer band from Baltimore. They release their first album on Creep Records and tour the entire country. During that tour, spiteful attitude towards anyone perceived to be part of ³the music industry² developed.

In 1996, there was more touring in the United States and Canada. Their second album Goodnight Sellout is released on Creep Records. With the start of 1997, drummer Sean begins teaching high school math. A European tour falls through and a CD of the first two albums comes out in both Europe and Japan, thanks to a questionable licensing deal. The boys decided to break up while they still loved each other and they played a heartwarming final show in Philadelphia in front of over 400 of their friends that have been there since day one.

1998 was seen as the beginning of the end as their last studio album Narcolepsy, on Creep Records, comes out posthumously. A couple of reunion shows in Pennsylvania and in upstate NY culminate with the band playing ³The World According To Me² on banjo, bass fiddle, and acoustic guitar underneath a full moon. Life goes on.

Now Coolidge Records has released a collection of Plow United tracks that were taken from the Coolidge Records¹ seven-inch releases and tracks from compilations from other record companies. The Dustbin of History also features the hard-to-find ³Dance² seven-inch, plus many other songs that were released as ³cassette only.²

Although Plow United are gone, their music is definitely not forgotten.

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